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The attorneys of Loftin Law Group, LLC have extensive experience in the area of real estate litigation. There are three major factors which have contributed to the over increasing need for representation related to real estate issues. First, the economic boom in recent years, which has facilitated an unprecedented amount of construction and development including residential, commercial and industrial. Secondly, the insurance and other legal issues related to the increase in damages related to natural disasters such as hurricanes and flooding. Finally, claims for environmental damages related to immovable property such as the most recent BP claims. Loftin Law Group and its lawyers have been intimately involved in helping its clients recover damages related to all these factors and more, including but not limited to:

  • Buy / Sell Agreement disputes / Breaches / Enforcement
  • Redhibition Claims
  • Development
  • Subdivisions
  • Zoning
  • Annexation
  • Expropriations

The Real Estate practice of Loftin Law Group, LLC, offers extensive full service counsel in various Real Estate Matters. Louisiana’s rich heritage of French and Spanish rules create complex descriptions and title issues that require knowledgeable Louisiana Real Estate Lawyers. We routinely represent large commercial and industrial developers, other property owners, commercial, retail and industrial lessors and tenants, banks, and financial institutions in a wide variety of real estate transactions. By virtue of our broad experience, we focus on creative problem-solving for our clients, in a cost effective, responsive and professional manner. Representative areas of experience include the following: acquisitions, borrower and lender representation for both secured and unsecured lending transactions, equity and debt financing documentation, expropriations, landlord and tenant representation for residential and commercial leases, evictions, zoning and variance applications and disputes, real estate litigation, servitude and easement problems, title insurance, donations and exchanges, partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies, development and sales of office, industrial, hotel, retail and commercial properties, construction lending, commercial leasing, collateralized financing, contracts, negotiations and closing of residential and commercial properties.

Our Louisiana Real Estate lawyers have expertise in a wide variety of real estate, zoning, title and land use transactions give us the experience we need to meet and exceed our clients’ real estate problems. If you need a Louisiana Real Estate Lawyer who can be confidently guide you through any real estate challenge, from routine to complex, contact Loftin Law Group, LLC.

Armor Title Company, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of the firm (agent for First American Title Insurance Company and Security Title Guarantee Corporation of Baltimore). Armor Title Company has extensive experience in the issuance of title policies and the analysis of various underwriting risks. We also have considerable experience in issuing endorsements to the title policies to confirm that our clients are provided adequate coverage for the risks involved.

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